Sunday, November 28, 2010

90 days TO GO!!!!Mari tgk ape yg telah sy prepare~

Pejam celik,terkelip2.x termasuk tido,terlelap kat ofis 90 days TO GO!!!Habislah!..apa pun saya x buat lagi..Jom buat checklist!..Mari lihat kemalasan saya!

Theme Wedding:Modern


Legal stuffs
1.Borang Nikah-Not Yet
2.HiV Test-Not Yet
3.Choose Saksi-Not yet
4.Wali-Not Yet


1.Nikah (lace and satin) -Done

2.Tempahan baju-NOT YET

3.Baju Sanding+ Accessories-Booked
4. Baju Bertandang+ Accessories-Booked
5. Make up (Nikah+Sanding)-Booked
6.Hand bouquet (Nikah sanding) -NOT YET
7.Kasut Nikah-Done


(ika & ???) + outfit- NOT YET


1. Pelamin-Booked

2. Catering - NOT YET

3.Tempah gubahan Hantaran-Booked
4. Jurukamera-NOT YET
5. Invitation kad- NOT YET
6. Guestbook-NOT YET
7. Kompang+marhaban-Necessary kah???
8. Pintu Gerbang- Booked
9. Red Karpet-Booked
10. Banner-NOT YET
11. Petunjuk Arah-NOT YET
12. Bunga Manggar-NOT YET
13. Guest List-NOT YET
14. Meja Beradap-NOT YET
15.Bunga pahar-NOT YET
17.Wedding Cake-NOT YET
18. Doorgift- Seramic,Booked!
19. Canopy and Deco-NOT YET
20.Rozek & Korsaj- NOT YET

Bilik pengantin


1.Cat rumah-Not Yet

1.Homestay for family-Not Yet

90 days my dear..90 days....kenapa kamu seakan2 blurrr ni????

Kau ni nak kawen ke tak???


Khumaera Ismail said...

90 days..sempat lg tu..byk lg masa.. =)maera lg 13 hari =)

ciksue said...

90days..sempat lagi..start slow2,kita 60hari byk lagi tak buat,hehe

Nurul Atiqah Mutaza.iQa said...

gud luck ira

FaRiHa said...

baru aku nak tanya "ko nak kawin ke tak..???"

harzharun said...

hi babe...dah byk dah tu ko buat...aku dulu pun wedding prep in 3 months apa tkocoh2 last minit...hahaha..i wish u all the best babe!

Mummy Bunny said...

hahahaha ... suka soalan last sekali tuh .. hihi .. mestilah nak kawen ye dok? Relaks lah ira .. 3 months to lama okay .. macam2 leh wat .. yang penting allocate budget + planning .. decide betul2, then call pihak yang sepatutnye .. good luck k =)

luvira said...

same lar kite...banyak lagi yang tak setel2

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